Book Cover

Here is a new book cover that I illustrated for Abrams about a boy who is a blind thief that happens upon some fantastic eyes that lead him on an adventure to another world….

After doing many rounds of sketches and different cover concept near finals, we decided on this cover direction of a silhouette of the boy cat burgling on the rooftops. The Text was handled by the designers at Abrams. I’m pretty happy with the way that the cover came out, thanks to the art directing of Chad!

Here is a full front/back and flap image of the cover. Tamar, the editor, felt that it was important to show the imaginary cityscape to lure kids into reading the book.

Some earlier concepts that didn’t work out are pictured below. Chad and I first tried to focus on the fantastic nature of the eyes by using a die cut for the holes of the eyes where there would be a psychedelic pattern beneath the eye holes.

Not everyone could agree on this direction so we did an alternate version of the boy blindfolded with the desert of lost ships behind him. I took a shot at hand lettering the title, but this direction didn’t work either.

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