How Carrots Won the Trojan War

Here is a book that I just completed for Storey Publishing that is intended for adults. It is comprised of 2o chapters about different vegetables with funny stories about them throughout history. The Title of the book is HOW CARROTS WON THE TROJAN WAR. I designed it to look like a Greek Vase where the warriors are carrots.

Below are some of the chapter opener illustration spreads. They were two color illustrations but they might be changed to one color now. On the right page, I was to leave room for the chapter title and the different stories within…

Chapter in which Celery Contributes to Cassanova’s Conquests

Chapter in Which Melons Undermine Mark Twain’s Morals

Chapter in Which Beets Make Victorian Belles Blush

Chapter in Which Tomatoes Fail to Kill Colonel Johnson

Chapter in Which Spinach Deceives a Generation of Children

Chapter in Which Pumpkins Attend the World’s Fair

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