12 Days of New York review on Booklist

Issue: March 1, 2013
12 Days of New York.
Bolden, Tonya (Author) , Ford, Gilbert (Illustrator)
Mar 2013. 32 p. Abrams, hardcover, $17.95. (9781419705427). 811.The 12-day fun-filled New York City romp of an adventurous teacher and five students is recounted in the style of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” “On our first day in New York, / Just guess what we did see . . ./ The Statue of Liberty! / On our second day in New York, / Just guess what we did see! / Two folks in love / And the Statue of Liberty.” And so on it goes, as they hurry through the Upper East Side (“three posh pups” near the Guggenheim Museum), Midtown (“four soaring birds” while viewing the Empire State Building), Coney Island (“five golden rings” on a fortune-teller), and so forth until departure time. Richly colored cartoon illustrations, with a dialogue bubble here and there for added humor, depict the wide-eyed characters and their surroundings with a fair amount of detail without overwhelming. The final spread is a pictorial map of the five boroughs with the 12 visited locales indicated. A jolly jaunt introducing a few classic Big Apple landmarks.
— Randall Enos

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