Alice Across America

Alice Across America by Sarah Glenn Marsh and illustrated by me, is available for purchase today. It is a non-fiction story about Alice Ramsey and her cross country trip in a 1909 Maxwell automobile with her friends, becoming the first female to drive cross country. Of course, with only a portion of the U.S. having paved roads back then, all sorts of things went wrong, making this a tale of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Below are some of the illustrations from the picture book.

Alex and The Amazing Time Machine paperback

Here is a paperback cover that I illustrated for April Ward at macmillan. I actually did my first book cover for her years ago when she was at Harcourt so I was thrilled to be reunited with her on a new project. The original interior illustrations and cover were created by the talented Kelly Murphy, but sales wanted to try another illustrator for the paperback cover.

This project brought some new challenges for me. Usually I have to place the characters in the shadows or use a hand as the figure so that the reader can place him or herself inside the main character.This time the figure on the cover (alex) had to resemble the same one in the interior illustrations that was described in the manuscript.

The sales team’s main concern was that the cover be dynamic and show a lot of action so that the book would appeal to boys. This dictated the color palette of mostly blues away from a warmer palette. I used photoshop and ink on the figure in the foreground, illustrator on the title and the time machine, and water color in the bottom scene. This is my first published Action/adventure cover. below are some of the sketches leading to the final image.

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