Lampedusa Concert Tour this fall!

I was asked to design the poster and t-shirt for a folk concert tour benefit for the Jesuit Refugee Service called Lampedusa, named after the island that most refugees pass through upon entering Europe.

It had been a while since I had been given a shot at illustrating an advertising campaign, and since it was for a good cause, how could I say, “no?”

The branding (logo and colors) had already been decided by the PR Firm promoting the event, so I needed to design the picture around what was already in place. Since Lampedusa is an island and many birds also migrate there besides refugees, I decided to play with those elements to see if I could connect it to music. (click on the picture to see detail!)
Whether it was a bird on a bobbed wire fence turning to written music, a paper boat transporting music across great distance, or the African Wild Flowers allowed to bloom on the island, nothing was quite hitting the mark. I tried a message in a bottle but that didn’t work. Then I tried something playful: a guitar playing music, morphed into an island with migratory birds.
I was delighted to hear they chose this concept! Behold: the poster for the tour!

The tour is traveling to several cities including New York. Check the Jesuit Refugee Service Website to see if the tour is stopping near you!