The Maypop Kidnapping

Here is a cover I illustrated for Lerner called The Maypop Kidnapping by C.M. Surrisi. The story is a fun mystery about a girl who is convinced her teacher has been kidnapped. Since it takes place off a coastal town in Maine, I was art directed to showcase the setting in the sketches. After several twists and turns (just like the book!) we ended up with a final. It was only after I completed the cover that I discovered the true identity of the author was Cynthia, who attended grad school with me at VCFA. Talk about a Scooby Doo-ending!
This cover image was created in doc martin dyes, adobe illustrator, and brought together in photoshop on my wacom cintiq. Below are some of the sketches leading up to the final cover.

Tower of the Five Orders


Here is a book cover that I did for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the second installment of the middle grade Shakespeare Mysteries (Formerly known as Letterford Mysteries.) I am painting more elements in my covers and assembling them in photoshop. I hope to add more painting in future covers.

This mystery adventure story takes place in mostly London where They chose the most exciting scene in the story for the cover. I actually had to study the Blackfriars Bridge by “flying” over it in 3-d google maps in order to understand where the secret entrance to the underground sewers was in relation to the bridge and buildings.

Here are some of my sketches. I decided to change the colors in the final cover to make it more moody and have the above ground contrast from under the bridge.


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